The motivational environment in our gym leaves you feeling inspired and ready to workout. Our three story gym is just the right size so the coaches can be in close proximity to help you with movements and motivate you during workouts. You’re not going to get lost in a ton of people and equipment. We believe in working hard but we also believe it should be fun. You’ll find we have a basketball area, table tennis and Playstation 4. Relax after your workout in our recovery area or grab a smoothie from our juice bar.



We have programs designed specifically for every level of fitness. The aim is to meet you at your current fitness level and guide you to achieve the results you desire and more. The people you’ll meet in each class are encouraging and provide that extra motivation in your journey to success. Each class is led by a coach so you know exactly what to do every time you walk in the gym. Rest assured we have a training program that will get you better results than you could imagine.


If you’re new to CrossFit, start here. We’ll teach you all the basics of CrossFit including exercise form, nutrition and mobility to ensure that people are comfortable moving to the main class. Your first session is always free to try it out!
We take a limited number of people in this class each month to ensure every one receives focused instruction. If you’re thinking about doing this, I’d go ahead and register while we have spots available.
After you attend Elements, you’ll get to try the regular CrossFit classes free for two weeks.

Classic CrossFit Classes

This is the place for everyone to reach their full potential. The class is structured to ensure you stay safe and are working at your own ability level. At CrossFit QuickSand, we have 4 levels for people to progress through:

* Leopardis: Otherwise known as the mountain cat and known to fight fiercely to defend its territory and is an exceptional hunter. This is where everyone starts once they graduate from the elements. An emphasis is placed on movements that ensure the person stays injury free and provides a strength and conditioning base.

* Jubatus: Otherwise known as the cheetah and known for its speed and agility. Although a prolific hunter, the cheetah has its weaknesses with defending itself. This is the second step in a persons CrossFit journey. People usually take between 1-2 years to get to this level of strength and conditioning and more technical movements are emphasized.

* Pardus: Also known as the leopard and has evolved from the cheetah to be able to climb and be very selective with their prey. This is the third level of progression and looks to increase total volume on the athlete. The programming focuses on pushing the athlete to become a regional competitor.

* Leo: Also known as the lion and is the king of the jungle in all aspects of physical and mental ability. Lions have well balanced physical attributes between absolute strength and agility allowing it to command large groups for hunting and protection. This group is the final destination for any athlete and is working towards the CrossFit Games

Wa7sh Barbell Club

If you’d like to work more on Olympic Weightlifting technique and strengthening those lifts, this is the place for you. We’ll focus on form in the snatch and clean and jerk. In each 90 minute class, you’ll go through a strength training session including auxiliary lifts which is often overlooked when working to get stronger.

Personal Training

Personal Training is extremely effective in reaching your fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to get lean and in shape or you’re an experienced athlete training for a competition, our expert coaches will cater a plan specific to you and your goals.

CF Kids

This program makes fitness fun for kids in a safe environment. CrossFit Kids is for ages 6 – 11. The main focus of each class is to teach proper functional movements, increase kids’ body awareness and strength through games

CF youth

This program makes fitness fun for youth in a safe environment. CrossFit Kids is for ages 12-15. The main focus of each class is to teach proper functional movements, increase kids’ body awareness and strength through structured classes

CF She

Programing and training designed specifically for ladies! Train to lose fat, get lean, improve strength and have better endurance.


Strength and Conditioning

If you want to continue working on your strength and endurance outside of the regular CrossFit classes, this is for you. We’ll use weightlifting, plyometrics and more to get you powerful, strong and fast.

Yoga and Pilates

This is the perfect supplement to your CrossFit training! The lower intensity and longer stretches improves your mobility and helps relax your mind. Use these classes to strengthen your core and balance. You’ll feel rejuvenated when you’re done!


Both group classes and private training focus on sound boxing fundamentals, solid cardio-conditioning, and stretching. Members jump rope, sweat out ring circles, shadow box, circuit train, work various bags, and do one-on-one pad work. Our workouts are designed to tone your entire body while honing your boxing skills in the ring. Athletes of all levels and experiences are welcome!

CrossFit Light

CrossFit Light is a “lighter” and more simplistic version of our regular CrossFit designed classes. It could be for the new member and individuals just getting back into improving their fitness or for individuals who would like to combine some strength training to their current running or fitness routine. CrossFit Light requires no prerequisites to join, whereas our regular CrossFit class requires going through our 12 class Elements program